Healing the Child Within

Did you know that, no matter how old you are, you still have a child within you? Don’t believe me? Close your eyes and ask your inner child to step forward. What do you see? How old is the child? Do you see her in a particular scene? Is she happy, sad, angry, or frightened? This inner child is the secret to your happiness, success, prosperity, and health. Why? Because your inner child holds the keys to all of your subconscious beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. You can actually interact with and heal your inner child very quickly. And when you do, your present life will change immediately. For this reason, inner child work is perhaps the most important work you will ever do in your lifetime. And you can start right now. Are you ready?

Sit quietly, close your eyes, and visualize, hear or feel that child again. Allow yourself to connect with her. Introduce yourself and explain that you are from the future, you are magical, and that you have come to help. Ask the child for permission, then step forward and hold, hug, and love her. Notice the child’s reactions to your love. Did she accept it? Or is she afraid, suspicious, shy, or indifferent? Then notice your feelings to her response. Next, ask your inner child questions about her life. How is her mommy and daddy, or brothers and sisters? Does she feel loved and supported by them? Does she think that she is a good kid, or bad? What other beliefs does she have about herself or others? Does she feel like the world is a safe place?

By asking these questions, you will discover the subconscious beliefs you hold about yourself, your worth, your family, and your world. All of them were formed at a very early age, but still influence the decisions that affect your happiness, success, health, and relationships. So, your inner child is still calling all the shots! Can you imagine how your life would be different today if you had felt completely and totally loved and honored as a child? It is not too late.

Make a commitment to take some time each week to go within and work with your inner child. All you have to do is sit quietly, connect, then love and support her. You may find that traumatic or stressful situations replay themselves. Remember, I said that you are magical, so you have all the power you need to change those situations and take your child in a direction that is different than the one you experienced. You have the power, within your own imagination, to give that child anything she needs or wants. You can take her to the beach or Disney World, or allow her to get angry or sad. You can help her stick up for herself or defend herself if necessary, because you are big and powerful and by her side. You can intervene to prevent misunderstandings and painful experiences from ever happening. And you can heal your father and mother so that she is raised by the parents you have always wanted. Is this really possible? Yes. You can do anything in this creative state, and your subconscious mind will believe that it is real. Just give it a try!

The work you do with your inner child is priceless. When the inner child is loved and fulfilled, you will feel loved and happy. What an extraordinary gift to give yourself this holiday season.

Wishing everyone a joyful inner child and wonderful holidays!

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