How to Muscle Test

One very simple way to communicate with your subconscious mind (or, your innate intelligence) is through muscle testing. Do you want to know what is causing your allergies, a headache, those extra pounds? Maybe you want to know if starting a new project or particular diet is in your best interest, or where you left your keys or cell phone. Your subconscious already knows these answers, and muscle testing will access them quickly and easily.

There are several muscle testing methods, but I most frequently use the one in which I stand up and ask a yes or no question. I know I am getting a “yes” response from my subconscious when my body involuntarily tips slightly forward, almost like an invisible force has moved me. I know I am getting a “no” response when my body sways or pulls gently backwards. Easy! But is it really that simple to communicate with my higher self? Yes it is! Are you ready to try?

Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart. Relax your knees and arms, and close your eyes. Make a request (silent or out loud) that your subconscious move you forward for a “yes” response and backwards for a “no” response. Now, ask yourself (internally or out loud) a yes or no question for which you know the answer. For example, “Is my name (your real name)?”, or “Do I have a dog?”, or “Am I a man/woman?”. Stay relaxed and notice what your body does. Did it move forward? If it did, congratulations! You have just tapped into your innate wisdom. If it did not, you may be slightly dehydrated, which will affect the answers. Take a few sips of water and try again. If this method still did not work, you may be feeling a little nervous or frightened at the idea of communicating with your subconscious mind. Most people are the first time they try this technique. Your conscious beliefs about what you can and cannot do may prevent your subconscious mind from playing along. In this case, tell your subconscious that you are willing to hear it, and then try the exercise again.

Practice communicating with your subconscious in this way until you became comfortable and confident with the answers you get. Once you are confident with this technique, you can move on to questions for which you do not already know the answers. Remember that every experience you have ever had is stored in your subconscious mind, so it knows where you left that cell phone! Trust me (and trust your subconscious) – you’ll find it!

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