Creating a New Declaration of Independence

Do you know, or have you read about, someone who seems to have had the perfect childhood,  full of unconditional love, support, and encouragement?  That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  What if I told you that you can create that for yourself?  “Wait, Dan, what?!”, you’re going to say.  “I’m fill in the blank years old and my childhood is over!”   But I am telling you that it is not too late.  It is possible to eliminate childhood traumas, disappointments, pain and unfulfilled expectations.  It is possible to deliver all of your unexpressed emotions and feelings to those who hurt you the most.  It is possible, it doesn’t take months or years to accomplish, and it is perfectly safe.

The process is called a Core Transformation, and you go through it with my guidance.  When you have helped your “inner child” to eliminate his or her negative experiences and express the emotions that surrounded them, you will find that you have no basis for any current negative self-beliefs.  What becomes available, then, is one of the five “core states” of Being: happiness, inner peace, love, OK-ness, or oneness.  After your inner child has created one of these core states, you go back in time and “redo” your childhood just the way you always wanted it to be.  And when you do that, something magical happens!  Your subconscious mind accepts it as real and your experience of your life transforms.  It becomes the life you have yearned for.  Am I implying that all of the love and happiness you have wanted for years is already within you, and possible to access?  Yes, I am.

As we celebrate independence in our country, I invite you to be free of your childhood and to have a life you love.  You can take the first step by contacting me and asking for the Core Transformation process.  I would be delighted to assist you. 

Happy Fourth of July!

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